My best online store! Quality products and great service. I had never experienced a better trip before purchasing from here. I would recommend this online store to anyone who wants to have an unforgettable trippy experience. My only disappointment was how long it took for me to receive my product.

Name: Phillip H Jenna 

Email: jennaleslieioot@gmail.com

So far I have ordered lsd, golden teacher mushroom, dmt, mdma and chocolate mushroom. To my greatest surprise, I received all of my orders without any mishap. My biggest fear was that my package would get caught or lost on the way. The only problem once was the delay, but the most important thing was that my products still arrived.

Name: Carida Robertson


This store deserves a “5 stars” rating because the delivery was normal 3-5 business days and the item I ordered met my expectations. Thanks for a regular trippy experience. I’ve never been so hooked on mushrooms as I am now.

Name: Joseph Luke


I give credit to your 24hours live chat customer service. I was having issues with my bitcoin purchased and your live chat customer service walk me throught every single step. Thanks

Name: Smith Griffin


Not much to say but 4/5 is my rating for your service. Would have given 5/5 if you had more

Name: Alli Nal


I’m happy with the partnership hoping for more good transactions with you guys

Name: Pamela Ward


You guys made a mistake with my order, I ordered a 14grams of Penis Envy Mushroom
but i received less than 14 grams please help me out 

Name: Ben  Utopias


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