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Buy Hash Online Europe

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buy hash in london, which is similar to Charas, in that it is made by pressing cannabis flowers to obtain a thick resin. This hash is black in color and has a soft texture when fresh, but hardens over time.

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Its aromas and taste strongly resemble those of fresh cannabis flowers. Fans of black hash will appreciate its intense aroma and soft, creamy texture.

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This variety is also particularly interesting for CBD enthusiasts as it has an exceptionally high CBD content, up to 34% !

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The Manali Cream hash consists of trichomes from legal cannabis flowers with high CBD/CBG/CBN content and raw hemp extracts (crude oils).

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Texturising agents could be added to the resin to improve its look and feel.

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Store your Manali Cream hash in a cool and dry place, preferably away from light, in order to preserve its superior quality and maximize the product’s shelf life.

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Buy Hash Online Europe
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